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“Sexy” Sky Scott © vs. Victoria Little Owl ©

Promo Supercard

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 07:01 AM


HKA Cyber Championship, HKA Parental Advisory Championship

Ladder Match

“Sexy” Sky Scott © vs. Victoria Little Owl ©

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Posted 09 September 2017 - 12:26 PM

We just come back from Victoria Little Owl. Let say so she was upset and crying  let us explain !

Would she lose the Cyber belt this way she lose honour. Maybe lose her hair after this dishounouring all tribe champions.

Why upset Victoria hate hights like climb a ladder. So she must forget her fear too win her belt back.

That her opponent wanna win for wrong reason not Victoria problem any more !

Wrong reason 1 a not worthy champion. Reason 2 not being a real native-american we know her daddy.

Let,s see and sure hear what Victoria had to say ?


Victoria.(in tears) Yes I do know her belt is also on the line ! Losing ain,t a option me honour is worthy more then think.

Yes I,m upset she forget is 2017 not Wild West off 1720.  What I mean ain,t cowboy and indian war play girl.



I don,t like hights but has forget the honour off my tribe is also important.

Will I grab  both belts Why would I? I don,t need become the PA champ through backdoor. Klaartje earn a re-match I do wanna stay Cyber champion.

Boys I,m back so give me a moment.


Victoria is still a woman her ma-up was running from the tears. So her ma-up was done agian.

We didn,t saw the ok signal possibly said it all ? Do we think she will give everything we do. Now up to Mary Obsession hope she got cupcakes haha.

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Sky Scott

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 01:23 AM

HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott is seen sitting in the backstage area in the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn,New York as she is seen watching the promo of Victoria Little Owl then she turns it off



HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott:Well admitting that was pretty stupid...What type of wrestler admits they are afraid of height before a ladder match?? and what in the hell does this have to do with Marcus White



HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott smirks as she looks up and sees the AUW Camera man 



HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott:Hey how's it going??



Camera Man:Nothing Much....Did you see what was said about you??



HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott:Yes..I just watched it 



Camera Man:Not that....this



Cameraman hands her another ipad with the video from The Puppet Master then Sky Scott watches it  then she turns it off after she is done watching it 



Camera Man:What did you think of that???



HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott:Interesting because i already gave him his rematch last month on The Ward when when it was in my hometown and he lost...So why is he worried about little old me when he's got the biggest match of his career when he has a title match for the Ultraviolence Champion and me..I have the opportunity to walk out as new Cyber Champion along with retaining my Parental Advisory Championship...now if you'll excuse me..I have fans to talk to out there 


HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott walks towards the entrance ramp



"Get Through This" By Art of Dying blasts through the arena...HKA Parental Advisory Champion"Sexy" Sky Scott walks out onto the stage as the fans erupt....then she makes her way down the ramp as she hugs fans then she walks up the steps and climbs into the ring then she gets the microphone from Benedict Latham



HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott:What's up Brooklyn?



Fans Erupt

HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott:Man it feels good to hear you erupt like that



Fans:Sky Sky Sky



HKA Parental Advisory Champion "Sexy" Sky Scott:So in a little under three weeks...I defend my HKA Parental Advisory Championship against Victoria Little Owl as she will also defend her Cyber Championship and i will walk out with both titles because i am more hungry then you and i am also not afraid to climb a ladder and grab the HKA Parental Advisory Championship  and Cyber Championships and after that i am tonight to sit back and and relax and watch the unification match between Mary and Denise because i want the winner of that match on the next ward with all of the gold on the line...Unless they are scared of losing..So denise and Mary...I bid you both good luck and i will be watching 



"Get Through This" By Art of Dying blasts through the arena...HKA Parental Advisory Champion"Sexy" Sky Scott walks out of the ring then HKA Parental Advisory Champion"Sexy" Sky Scott walks up the ramp and walks backstage 



Scene Fades

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Posted Yesterday, 02:51 PM

Yes we went to motelroom off Victoria Little Owl.


You ask yourself Ain,t good hotel yes there is but when see who travel around,a motel is much cheaper then hire 4 floors off a fancy 3 star hotel.

And big boss had two chioces cut budget on the shows or search for housing all 100 people on the road.


Ok back to Victoria yeh she saw the promo off Sky Scott let say wasn,t so happy. But that was not all listen.


Victoria. Let me be very clear I tell the truth  you not girl.   I never would asked for a ladder match.


Victoria. You really think high off yourself that think got double champion.   I wanna hold my Cyber belt ain,t interested in your belt !


Victoria start  walking in her room she need say more but what?


Victoria. Skye when has chioce a shoot for fashion magazine or Cyber belt choose last.

I ain,t so old that can,t do later a shoot for Elle or Harbers Bazar.


Victoria. Like said is for my a case off honour.   I would feel ashamed when lose on bad terms !


What does she ment with bad terms we really don,t know      Yes a motelroom ain,t so big as many hotelrooms.


Victoria. Let,s put something straight I ain,t planning to travel with me niece Stormy Weather to Japan.

Yes to compete as New Squaws on some cards let us prove ourself here first.

Back to ladder match I need get over my fear.   Because you don,t get the belt I battled through rankings for.


We said goodbye after victoria signal stop. Yes she had promotional visits too do.   You know children hospital etc meeting fans.