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“Evolution of Wrestling” Ambros Nocturne © vs. “Goddess of the Dead” Necra Octavian Kane vs. “The Greatest” AJ Flare vs. “Hardkore Ikon” Charlie Feigel vs. “The Vigilante” The Puppet Master vs. “Bad Ass” Mike Dimter

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 06:54 AM


AUW UltraViolence Championship

Elimination Chamber Match

“Evolution of Wrestling” Ambros Nocturne © vs. “Goddess of the Dead” Necra Octavian Kane vs. “The Greatest” AJ Flare vs. “Hardkore Ikon” Charlie Feigel vs. “The Vigilante” The Puppet Master vs. “Bad Ass” Mike Dimter

If Ambros loses he is fired.
If Necra loses she will not be able to compete for the Ultra Violence Title for 6 months.
If AJ Flare loses he loses his hair
If Charlie loses he loses ownership of AUW
If The Puppet master Loses can’t get title shot for year
If Mike Dimter loses he gets caned 10 times by each opponent

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Posted 12 September 2017 - 11:22 AM


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Posted 15 September 2017 - 02:26 PM


"The HardK0re Ik0n"

Charlie Feigel

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Posted Yesterday, 05:01 AM

Act 1: Returning from the Dead


"May you do what you are wont to do, O Sokar who are you in your Mansion, possessing a foot in the realm of the dead. I shine in the sky, I ascend to the sky, though; though I am inert, I climb on the sun-shine; thought I am inert, I walk on the river-banks... In the realm of the dead."

Spell 74 - Book of the Dead





The scene opens on the beautiful city of Manhattan. The day was cloudy, and threatened rain, but seemed to hold off just a little longer. The camera moves across the city and comes to a stop on the small area of Brooklyn and the Evergreen Cemetery. The cemetery lawn was still bright green in color, and the headstones cast their shadows in what sun managed to come through the clouds. The camera moves over the lawns and the tall trees and comes to a stop at a spot that sat on a hill. The smell of roses an carnations filled the air, mixing with the scent of other flowers that had already started to die from the other graves. A crowd of people had gathered at an open grave site, and a shimmering black casket sat on a silver stilts before being lowered into the ground. Wreaths covered in red and white roses. An older looking woman sits with young men to be in their 30's while others sit behind them. The camera moves back and we soon see a lone figure watching the small crowd that had gathered. As the camera pans up we see Necra staring down at them. She was lost in thought as if she was were waiting for someone. Her thoughts go another time and place as a dull sound of thunder rolls somewhere in the distance.


Darkside Cemetery

Dunwich, New York

10 Years Ago


The scene changes to a darkened sky, as the sound of thunder rolls across the sky. Lightning flashes across the sky casting shadows of the headstones and statues that stood in silence on the grounds. The sound of a squeaking gate is heard along with muffled voices and soon they are heard a little better and we see three shadows move across the ground. One is that of a slender figure of a woman wearing a dress that dragged along the ground. The second one wore what appeared to be a dress coat and long hair tied back from their face. The last was a hulking creature, of  a man that carried a shovel over his shoulder. As they craw closer we see a young Necra no more than possibly 16 a man with silver hair, and deep green eyes, and Ex. They walk along the pathway, that wound itself through the cemetery and soon comes to a stop in front of a headstone..


Necra: Why are we out here?


Man: We are out here so you can become part of the Darkside.


Necra: But I'm already part of the Darkside.


He smirks and looks over at Ex.


Man: Really? Is that what you think my dear. Your mother and father are part of it, but you are not part of it yet. It is not something you inherit. Ex hand her the shovel.


Ex: Are you sure Seph? I mean...


Seph: This is her final test, and she needs to dig her own grave.


Necra: Me? I don't do manual labor!


Seph: You will or you will not become part of the Darkside. Now dig.


She sighs, and starts to dig.


Voice Over: I'll never forget that night... I dug my own grave... No he forced me to dig my own grave! But now that I look back at it, it made me stronger...


Time passes by and soon Necra is standing in the grave. It is a good six feet down, and even. She climbs out of the hole and wipes her forehead.


Necra: There! It's done! What now?


Seph nods to Ex and before she can turn around, Ex cracks her with the shovel and she falls into the hole and into darkness.


Voice Over: Darkness... Why do I ind such comfort in it? Is it because I was reborn in the darkness of the world? Is it because the light no longer holds any meaning for someone such as myself? I've always felt that I am never alone in the darkness for there are others that have joined me, and know what is like to be hunted, and looked down upon and feared.


The scene changes back to Seph and Ex standing by the grave as rain starts to fall. The hours had already started to pass and Necra had yet to come back up from the grave. Seph holds an umbrella as he stares down at the grave that was now covered over.


Ex: Do you think we should dig her up?


Seph: I'm sure she'll be out soon.


Voice Over:  I spent 6 hours clawing my way out of the ground. But it made me stronger. I died that night, and came back with my powers heightened. I could hear everything, see them around me, trying to get my attention. I felt the world around me, and then darkness...


The ground starts to stir, and a slender hand comes up through the surface. Soon the dirt falls away and we see Necra pulling herself up through the dirt, Her eyes are nothing but white pools and her right hand is now nothing more than bones. She looks toward the house that sat on the hill and starts to head toward it.



Present Day

Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn New York


Voice: What are you doing here?


Necra shakes from her thoughts and turns seeing an older looking man standing behind her. He is dressed in a dark pin striped suit, and his silver hair, was slicked back, and the black shoes he wore were polished to perfection.  This was the fallen Joann Canelli's father Anthony. Necra leans against the tree that she stood beside and sighs.


Necra: Nothing... Just waiting on someone. I'm sorry to hear about Joann...


Anthony: Thank you.


Necra looks at him and raises an eye brow looking over at him.


Necra: But something has me puzzled though.


Anthony: What might that be kid?


Necra: Why I wasn't tapped to come and get Joann. I'm the only one that collects the souls and...


He grabs Necra by the arm and looks her dead in the eye.


Anthony: You would be wise to stay out of it.


Necra: What?


Anthony: Don't worry about it  I'll see you around.


He starts to walk off, and leaves Necra to wonder what he meant. She stares down at the open grave, and the crowd that had now started to leave.


Necra: What is going on? And why am I the last one to know anything?


She sighs and starts to head down the hill, feeling a slight breeze moving through the trees. She had a match coming up, and it was one that she couldn't loose.


Necra: I have a chance to get my hands on one of the most coveted titles in the AUW. There is only two true threats in this whole match I mean the way I look at it, everyone else in this match have tried to stand against Ambros and yet look where they have ended up.


She smiles as she walks along the trail, passing by a small crowd of people that don't seem to notice her.


Necra: Let us begin shall we? AJ Flare... My God what have you even done to manage to get into this match? I mean this is a match for people that have actually managed to accomplish something. You came into the AUW and you have been so beneath my notice that I am surprised that you have even stayed as long as you did. AJ tell me why should I even worry about you? What have you done that would make me say... I actually fear you? See there is the problem with you. You have done nothing, but get into the ring and prove that you are worthless, and completely useless to anyone and everyone around you. If I were you I wouldn't even show up or this one.


Necra passes by one of the older crypts and hears cries and whispers. She turns and looks at it, but keeps going. The sound soon fades and once again there is silence.


Necra: Dimter,.. I don't even know to where to begin with you. I mean you are another one that has yet to really to prove yourself against anyone here in the AUW. I don't even think that you have won a title have you? If you have it couldn't have been that long. Dimter you have managed to even do anything worth while? I don't even know why you are in this match. Are you nothing but fodder in this one, and I will take great joy in destroying you and then just keep going until I have that title in my hands.


She stops in front a an angel statue as it's head moves to look down at her. It closes its eyes and goes back to where it stood.


Necra: It's amazing what I can see that others cannot. The statues have a life of their own, and the souls that move around them always want someone to notice them. Sounds familiar doesn't it Puppetmaster? You always run your mouth and yet you've only managed to win one title. And a low title at that. But do you even have it any more? No you don't. You lost to someone who is just as horrible as you are in the middle of the ring, and you really think that you are going to make it through the match in one piece and come out on top? By the Gods that is a laugh. You shouldn't be in this match. You have not earned that honor along with AJ, and Dimter. The three of you are not even worthy enough to step in the same ring as I. Give up now and I might let you walk out of the ring, but that is a really big MIGHT!


She soon comes to the stone wall with a high wrought iron running along the top. The sound of the city soon filled her senses and he world around her had come to life once again.


Necra: Feigel, this isn't the first time that we have met, and I'm sure that it will not be the last time. But this... This match is going to be the one where I rise to the top and not come down for anyone including you. I'm going to make sure that you lose control of the company, but the question is who will take care of it? Your adoring wife? If that's the case it will be for the best now won't it? I know you've had tougher matches then this and will do anything to win, but I will fight just as hard if not more. You see this is one of the only titles that I have yet to get my hands on that actually means something in this company, and when I have it in my hands, I will hold onto it as long as I can. There is a record to beat and I plan on doing so. So come at me with everything that you have left in that old decrepit body of yours and prove to me that you can actually still compete for something such as this.


She walks toward the gates and passes by a lone woman. She is frail, and up in age. She sits by a headstone talking to whoever was buried under it. Necra smiles and keeps walking.


Necra: True love... Something that only ever happens to the slight few. That is something that you know about isn't it? You are in love with the Deathbringer and I have to say that you seem happier than I have ever seen you. Both of you are Champions, but not for long. I'm going to take that title from you, no matter what I have to do. I know that you are going to defend that title for as long as you can, but I'm going to give you a fight just as everyone else in this match is, but I want it more than any of them. Ambros we have been friends, and I have helped you as often as I could, and just know that this match is nothing but business. It's nothing personal. If you win then that is great, and if I win it just means the Fallen will have one more title in their hands.Ambros I could tell you that I'm going to beat you and that everything that you have fought for, and struggled to keep will be mine, but that would be putting the cart before the horse wouldn't it? The slightest thing could turn this match on it's head and prove me wrong. But I will tell you that I will fight, I will stand and not back away from this one, at least not that easy. The odds are stacked against you, eve I can see that, but just know it will be come down to you and me. The others are fodder and out of their league in this match, but me... I will be the one to finally end the streak. I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Lady in Black, The Reaper of Souls, the Angel of Death, the child of heaven and hell. Fear me; for when you look upon me you see your end. See you soon. And good luck... You're going to need it.


Her eyes flash red before shifting back to their normal color. She walks out of the gate and onto the sidewalk and seems to disappear in the crowd, as the scene fades to black.









"I am the Goddess of Death, the Queen of the Dead, the Lady in Black, the Reaper of Souls, fear me! For when you gaze upon me, you will know your end is near"



Current AUW Tag Team Champions (Necra and Dread)

Very first ASE 24/7 Parental Advisory Champion

Tag Team Champions (Necra &Demon)


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