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AUW Respect & Acknowledgement

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 05:00 AM


AUW is an e-fed that acknowledges many promo styles, and in such we have to iron a few things out when it comes to respecting the styles of our opponents and fellow AUW competitors. We will be enacting the Respect & Acknowledgement Act in order to maintain harmony. The following will explain what that is, now this is something that is simple and will make the AUW even better in the eyes of the AUW Staff and more importantly the AUW roster.

Clause #1: Agreeing on Promo Amounts: Many of us have lives outside of the AUW and E-Fedding as a whole. Some of us less time than others. And thus it is up to the opponents in ANY given match to correspond with one another and decided whether or not that there will be a Promo Limit and if so how many promos that will be posted. Upon said Agreement each or at least one opponent in said match has to send the council the agreement. If either opponent goes outside of the agreement for any reason the promos beyond the agreement will not be counted for said match. Said opponent will not be punished in any way as the agreed amount of promos will only be judged. We can count the over amount as CDs for said wrestler.

Clause #2: Out of Character Aspects of Promo: As many of us know we are not all In-Ring or Shoot Promoers here. Some of us are story based Promoers and similar. We have a lot of background for our characters and like to intertwine story with shoot or "On Camera" aspects. Now when someone says they are "Out of Character" or "Off Camera" we shouldn't attack them in our shoot or Promo on those aspects. We can and only will use the "On Camera" aspects as that is what is seen by the AUW Fan Nation and on AUW events and such. This way we attack the persona of the character and not their "Off Camera" situations unless they bleed into their promos.

Clause #3: Respect the Handler(s): When it comes down to it we must respect our opponents and other handlers. We are here to enjoy the aspect of writing and improving our craft. At times many of us are angered or frustrated with another handlers actions but when it comes down to it remember this is fun, we don't get paid and we don't have to do this. We are all here for the same reasons and thus we should respect each other. Simply put AUW is about Respect and Honor if you abide by those two values then you will enjoy yourself here in the AUW.

Clause #4: Website Promo: Here in the AUW we have very unique and promising promo styles that a variety of other e-feds use. The style that we are coming into now are called Website Promo. These Promo are not primarily based here on the AUW boards but separate websites dedicated to the superstars themselves. If you are one of these persons we here in the AUW would ask that you post the "Shoot" aspect of your promo within the designated thread with a link to your website and the promo in question.

Clause #5: Tolerance for Others: I know we all have differences when it comes to Beliefs and Lifestyles but that should NOT stop us from being a family-esque site. If someone chooses a path they believe in allow them to follow. Give them the benefit of the doubt. We all have a path to follow. We don't want someone to take a dump on ours so don't on others. This also means if someone post a thread about their belief system and you don't like religion, don't click on it. But under no circumstances use it as a chance to be belligerent or flame the op. We here at AUW believe in Tolerance.

Clause #6: Follow the layout: If a prediction thread is posted please post predictions before deadline. If you post a prediction after a promo is cut and you are a judge it will be considered not only in poor taste but also conflicting and could be deleted unless it is before an promo is cut. If you post a prediction after a promo is cut but before deadline and directly reference the promo itself it may be deleted, this is why we have a thing called feedback. If you want to post "feedback" go to the feedback board. If you want to post predictions then post predictions, there is a difference. If you think there is a question on what you are about to post, contact a member of the council.

With those clauses, Asylum Underground Wrestling hopes that it will make this place a bigger and better place to be. Friendlier to each and every style that is out there. From Storylines, Shoots, In-Ring, Backstage, etc.