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AUW Bill of Rights

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 04:54 AM

Bill of Rights

  1. All AUW handlers have the right to respect from staff and other handlers (cont. in the ASE Respect & Acknowledgment Act).
  2. Every handler has the right to know why they lost a match after results are posted but, may only ask ONCE per show. After the show results are posted for a period of 24 hours without appeals the results become final.
  3. Every handler has the right to cut promos with as many characters as they can handle, if they cannot continue to handle all characters they must remove least productive characters.
  4. Every handler has the right to his/her personal style (cont. in the AUW Respect & Acknowledgment Act).
  5. Every handler has the right to voice concerns to staff while keeping within the confines of the AUW Respect & Acknowledgment Act.
  6. Every handler has the right to request writing advise.
  7. Every handler has the right to ask on the status of results for a card ONCE per show.
  8. The head booker has the right to double book anyone with more than 3 characters; if any problem arises with this right please refer to #3.
  9. Match writers have the right to improvise moves for roster members if a move list is not already posted in their biography or is not complete enough.
  10. Staff members have the right to ban anyone after they are given a chance to defend themselves through an appeal thread which will be created.