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AUW Rules

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Posted 26 September 2016 - 01:21 PM


  • Usage of other handler character(s) and/or management character(s) in your promos without their permission is prohibited.
  • All promos MUST be YOUR own work! Absolutely NO to using anyone else's work unless give permission.
  • Don't start drama!
  • Respect the roster, management and staff. If you have a problem with any member of the roster, management and/or staff please contact the owners and let them know what the situation is before escalating it beyond repair.
  • Don't contact us bitching about how you should've won your match for any reason because it will be deleted. I will answer your question to why you may have lost, if that falls on deaf ears then you might as well find another place to go.
  • Don't ask us when the card and/or results will be done, unless you would like to assist us in finishing the project.
  • Don't no-show ...
    • No showing has its fair share of consequences:
      • Automatic loss of your match.
      • Termination of your contract and moved to the free agent mask (unless handler contacts staff).
  • No flaming, vulgarities, spamming or usage of offensive, threatening, disrespectful language and/or actions against any roster, management and staff in your promos or on social media that could potentially have a negative impact on another member's enjoyment of AUW.
  • Don't stack promos against your opponent. It makes you look like an absolute douche bag in the long run.
  • If you are not booked, you are free to cut promos in the Character Development forum or send in a segment. Remember to alert staff in case you use our characters.
  • Don't spam the community. This includes repetitive posts, reviving very old topics/posts, and/or promoting other promotions or websites without permission of management. Websites and/or promotions may be added to our links vault with permission and once they are added they will be reviewed by our management team for inclusion.
  • Asylum is NOT a PG promotion, so this community will most definitely include mature themes throughout.
  • Men and women regularly compete against each other in matches.

We have a couple of rules regarding all championship reigns. They are as follows:

  • Champion(s) MUST be able to defend their titles whenever asked to without refusal. If any title holder is unable to fulfill this obligation and/or refuses the order to defend, then the title(s) will be stripped immediately and a new champion will be sought. The former champion will be barred from competing for or holding a championship for one full title reign.
  • Champion(s) WILL NOT be allowed to choose his/her challenger(s)
  • A single character MAY be allowed to hold multiple championships at the same time, however they'll probably be double booked.
  • For challenger(s) to defeat AUW Champion(s) you must receive more points than the champion(s); otherwise the championship advantage will allow the reigning champion(s) to retain his/her/their championship(s). Challenger(s) MAY earn the victory but the championship(s) MAY be held up somehow where the champion(s) continue his/her/their reign.
  • Every challenger who loses a match to a champion and/or a higher ranked competitor will now restart from the bottom of the board unranked.
  • Grandfathered "title shots" are granted at the discretion of the staff.