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Dirt Sheets & Rumors

Death of Don Canelli

19 Sep 2017 | TheGoddessoftheDead in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

Two days ago we were notified by people from the Canelli estate that The Jersey Devil Diva Joanne Canelli has passed away. They say due to complications had occurred while she was in the coma that was caused almost 6 months ago. The doctors were hopeful that she would recover but due to complications caused her to pass away in her sleep. There will be a private ceremony with family only in attendance. Our condolences go out to the family and to her husband Sephiroth du Lac. We tried to reach him but there still has been no answer.

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Wedding Plans in the Works

10 Sep 2017 | TheDeathBringer in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

The AUW Community has been a buzz with rumors of wedding plans for the AUW Women's Champion the Death Bringer Denise De'Vil and the AUW UV Champion Ambros. No date still has been set, but plans have been leaked about a possible location, and guest list, but nothing more. The Guest List Included prominent people from the wealthy elite and stars from Hollywood Also on the list is prominent people from over seas.More on this as more information is released.

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AUW Releases Fathi

01 Apr 2017 | @B3AUWCrazy in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

Vincent "Fathi" Williams has asked for his release and it was granted. We wish him well in his future endeavors. The AUW 5150 Championship has been vacated by his departure.

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Circle of Legends 2017

01 Mar 2017 | @B3AUWCrazy in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

Posted Image


Current AUW UltraViolence Champion Ambros Nocturne

Current AUW 5150 Champion Fathi

Current Tag Team Champion Necra Octavian Kane


Posthumously enshrined Marieanne Amendola (Mike's Mom)

Posthumously enshrined The Reaper

Posthumously enshrined Paul Thiva

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Fathi has a PODCAST!

03 Feb 2017 | Fathi in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

AUW mgmt has posted an airing of the Fathi podcast online for the new show, "The Beast Exposed"

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The People Have Risen

01 Feb 2017 | @B3AUWCrazy in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

The uprising of the common man against the elites and the management overseers that gleefully serve them has BEGUN!


Posted Image

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The Ward has a new face!

30 Jan 2017 | @B3AUWCrazy in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

The Ward has a new face, you say? What we mean is that old Ward logo outlived it's usefulness and thus discarded in place for the new gold, blue and red logo to bring together the flagship show and it's former counterpart HKA's Proving Ground.


As many of you know we've done away with Hard Knock Academy and thus setting the stage for a new beginning in Asylum. Many people are wondering, why blue? Yes the old Proving Ground logo was green in nature but, it would've clashed with the gold and red. Thus, blue was the obvious choice (no relation to RAW and/or Smackdown).


What do ya'll think? Feedback appreciated.

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Wrestler's Home burns down

21 Jan 2017 | AmbrosNocturne in Dirt Sheets & Rumors

January 20th the home of AUW Ultraviolence champion Ambros Nocturne catches fire

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