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Pinned  AUW Survival of the Fittest 2017

07 Sep 2017 | @B3AUWCrazy in Supercards

Posted Image

Promo Deadline: Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 11:59PM EST

Grace Period Deadline: Sunday, October 2, 2017 @ 11:59PM EST


OCTOBER 8, 2017

Barclays Center

Brooklyn, New York


Main Event

AUW Ultraviolence Championship

Elimination Chamber Match

Each competitor must make a wager.

“Evolution of Wrestling” Ambros Nocturne © • versus • “Goddess of the Dead” Necra Octavian Kane • versus • “The Greatest” AJ Flare • versus • “Hardkore Ikon” Charlie Feigel • versus • “The Vigilante” The Puppet Master • versus • “Bad Ass” Mike Dimter

If Ambros loses he is fired.

If Necra loses she will not be able to compete for the Ultra Violence Title for 6 months.

If AJ Flare loses he loses his hair

If Charlie loses he loses ownership of AUW

If The Puppet master Loses can’t get title shot for year

If Mike Dimter loses he gets caned 10 times by each opponent


AUW Pride Championship

Two-out-of-Three Falls Match

Michael Maddox © • versus • Frostbite


AUW Tag Team Championships

Triple Jeopardy Full Metal Mayhem Match

Eclipse of Darkness (Mira and Ander Umbris) © • versus • Hard As Steel • versus • Society of Destruction


AUW 5150 Championship

Caged Shoot Fight

Eric Herrera © • versus • Tyler Cross


AUW Women’s and HKA Vixen’s Championships

Cemetery Match

Mary Obsession © • versus • “The Deathbringer” Denise De’Vil ©

If Denise Loses she will not be able to go after the Women’s Title for a full year.



HKA Cyber and HKA Parental Advisory Championships

Ladder Match

“Sexy” Sky Scott © • versus • Victoria Little Owl ©


o Card Subject to Change o

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AUW Wrestlepocalypse

25 Jun 2017 | @B3AUWCrazy in Supercards

Posted Image

Salem State University

Salem, Massachusetts


Promo Deadline - July 8, 2017 @ 11:59 PM EST

Grace Period - July 13, 2017 @ 11:59 PM EST



Singles Match

AJ Flare • versus • Cletus The Bum w/Delilah The Bumtress


Women's Championship

Elimination Triple Threat

Denise Devil © • versus • Stormy Weather • versus • Delilah The Bumtress


Non Title

Tag Team Match

Tyler Cross & Mystery Partner • versus • Ander & Mira Umbris ©


Main Event

UltraViolence Championship

Triple Threat Barbed Wire Rope Match

Otsuka Takaishi • versus • Eli Goode • versus • Ambros Nocturne ©


o Card Subject to Change o

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Asylum Rumble Presented by Slamdown

24 Mar 2017 | @B3AUWCrazy in Supercards

Posted Image


Asylum Rumble Presented by Slamdown

Live From The Hammerstein Ballroom Manhattan New York.

RP Deadline. 4/09/2016 11:59 PM Est

Grace Period Deadline 4/12/2016 11:59 PM EST


Main Event

Ultraviolence Championship Barbed Wire Chamber Of Horrors Match

(Instead of Wrestlers being in the pods the pods will contain weapons wrestlers will come out in intervals of 2 minutes until all competitors are in the ring. Will be contested in elimination rules)

Frostbite versus Necra Octavien Kane versus Steve “The Demon“ Pastore versus Ambros Nocturne©


Asylum Rumble Match

Any wrestler who does not Possess a singles championship within the federation may enter the winner gets a shot at the next Supercard for The Ultraviolence Championship, Anyone on the roster who does not have a match is strongly urged to participate and even if you are in a match you should participate if you have the time. It is also one roleplay per character but you can enter as many characters as you want.


Pride Championship TLC Match

Declan McGinnis versus Michael Maddox©


5150 Championship Match

Asylum Street Fight

(Only way to win is by ko or submission but can win anywhere similar to falls count anywhere match)

Ragnarok versus Eli Goode


AUW Vixens Championship

Steel Cage Pin Fall Submission Only No Escape

Maeve versus Marina Day©


AUW HKA Division Women's Heavyweight Championship

Singles Match

Jessica Maddox versus Denise Devil


Cyber Championship

Singles Match

Victoria Little Owl versus Katsa©


Future Number One Contender for Tag Team Championships at Ward 26

Elimination Tag Team Tables Match

Eclipse of Darkness versus LAD versus The Bloodline


1 on 2 Handicapped Match No DQ Scotty Paine will be allowed to bring a Trash Can of Weapons if he desires to.

Scotty Paine versus Cletus The Bum and Delilah The Bumtress


Parental Advisory Championship

Singles Match

The Puppet Master versus Tornado Red II


o Card Subject to Change o

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Carnival of Champions 2017

26 Dec 2016 | @B3AUWCrazy in Supercards

Posted Image


Live From The Dunkin Donuts Center Providence Rhode Island

RP Deadline January 22nd 2017 11:59 Est 7:59 PST

Show Date: January 29th 2017

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